A Tradition for 43 Years!

Make it Another Traditional Family Event with Peninsula Ballet Theatre’s Nutcracker


For 43 years Peninsula Ballet Theatre has created precious family memories by delighting and enchanting audiences throughout the Bay Area with everyone’s favorite, lavish Nutcracker performed at the sumptuous Historic Fox Theatre, now with all new seats. Your family can enjoy a holiday outing that only downtown Redwood City can offer.

  • Dine at one of the many restaurants surrounding the Fox Theatre either before or after the performance.
  • Make it a train adventure, the station is conveniently located behind the theatre.
  • Park once and explore the shops and decorations of Downtown Redwood City.
  • Enjoy the many holiday activities in the downtown square between the San Mateo County History Museum and the Fox Theatre.

PBT’s Nutcracker is everyone’s favorite family friendly ballet. Meet the dancers on stage following every spectacular finale. You will applaud every breathtaking moment as you enjoy the magic that only this Nutcracker brings.

Nutcracker Showtimes:
December 21st: 2:00 and 7:00 pm
December 22nd: 2:00 pm
Fox Theatre, Redwood City

Choreography: Carlos Carvajal
Artistic Direction: David Fonnegra

Our show generally sells out so Don’t Miss Out – purchase your tickets today!

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Nutcracker Synopsis


Dr. Drosselmeyer, a droll and sometimes mysterious doll maker, is seen with his young nephew and assistant, Johann, as they prepare wondrous gifts to take to the Silberhaus family’s annual Christmas reunion of family and friends.  Clara Silberhaus is 12 years old and at the stage between childhood and teenager where imagination can be stronger than reality.  Fritz, her brother, is still taking advantage of being baby brother and tends to be a little wild, especially in order to be the center of attention.


During the course of the party, the governess runs in from the kitchen where she had been frightened by a mouse!  Fritz promptly organizes the boys to march into the kitchen where he dispatches the offending creature and then triumphantly displays for all to see.


In the days before movies, television and the Internet, every family member, guest and staff knew how to dance.  Thus, every party was an occasion to try out the latest country-dances.  So, danced they did.  Drosselmeyer and Johann arrive late to find the party well underway. They bring their magical dancing dolls, which entertain and delight all who are present.  The children want to have those dolls but the parents really can’t afford such extravagance.  However, Drosselmeyer presents Fritz with a Mouse King doll and Clara with a handsome Nutcracker.  Fritz, in rambunctious play, breaks Clara’s Nutcracker.  Drosselmeyer then magically repairs the Nutcracker for Clara.  The girls dance a gentle lullaby with the Nutcracker and their dolls but the boys can’t resist breaking up the quiet moment with noisy horseplay.


The evening’s festivities end with the dancing of the traditional “Grossvaters Tanz” (the Grandfather Dance) by the youngest and oldest as well.  Clara dances with Johann, whom she has found quite a bit more grown up and attractive than the previous year.  The party ends and everyone returns to their homes.


Clara is left with a strong impression of Drosselmeyer and his nephew as she goes to bed.  Time passes quickly and later that night, Clara returns to the dark, spooky parlor to search for her beloved Nutcracker.  In the darkness she imagines that she is seeing large rat-like shapes.  Clara becomes frightened when the clock strikes midnight and suddenly seems to become Drosselmeyer who then causes many strange events.  The shadows shift about.  Clara becomes smaller (as Alice did); the Nutcracker appears full size and then comes to life while the Christmas tree seems to grow to enormous size.  A battle quickly develops between the mice, led by their Mouse King and the toy soldiers who are led by the Nutcracker.  Just as the Mouse King is about to overpower the Nutcracker, Clara knocks the villain out with her slipper and saves the life of the Nutcracker.  Suddenly, the Nutcracker magically transforms into a young prince, who looks just like Johann, Drosselmeyer’s nephew.  The prince, out of gratitude, leads Clara on a wonderful, magical adventure.


Their journey begins in the realm of the dancing snowflakes where the prince joins in the dance.  The Nutcracker Prince and Clara continue their adventure and enter the Kingdom of Sweets.  Here the prince tells the court of the terrible battle and how Clara saved his life.  The Sugar Plum Fairy and the Cavalier offer the two a banquet of sweets and entertainments to delight Clara beyond her greatest expectations.


Our story ends with Clara amply rewarded for her heroism as all the wonderful characters honor her lavishly in her dream.