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Dance Cards & Rates

Adult Class Charges

All adult students must create an account in DanceStudio-Pro to register for drop-in classes, purchase a Dance Card, or register for adult workshops.


Drop-In Class Rate: $16

Dance Cards Rates:

  • Dance Cards: $140 

  • Dance Cards work like digital punch cards, every time you attend a drop-in class, the instructor will mark your Dance Card digitally. Dance Cards include 10 in-person classes and expire 60 days after purchase date. 

How to Create your DanceStudio-Pro Account

You must have a DanceStudio-Pro Account to register for drop-in classes or purchase a Dance Card. 

  1. Click this link to DanceStudio-Pro

  2. Click “Create account” 

  3. Create Your Account. Fill in your information under “Your Account.”

  4. Click “I take classes.” You will see “Student #1” populate.

  5. Your name should populate. Fill in all remaining fields. (Emergency Contact, Birthday, etc.) We understand this is repetitive but greatly appreciate your patience.

  6. Answer the question to verify you are a person

  7. Check the boxes to agree to the PBT waivers 

  8. Click Save Account and Login 

  9. You are now ready to register for classes! 

  10. Follow the instructions on the screen to register for a drop in class

How to use Dance Cards

  1. Login to your DanceStudio-Pro portal

  2. Select “Register for class” and select the classes that you’d like to attend

  3. Select “Submit” and then select the green “Finish Registration Now”

  4. Select “I’ll Buy a Card Now”

  5. Select “1” under Qty and then select “Update Order Total”

  6. Enter payment information and select “Back to Registration”

  7. Select the green “Finish Registration Now”

  8. Select “I’ll Bring a Punch Card”

  9. Agree to all of our terms and conditions and select “Process Registration

You are all set! You will receive a confirmation email and our teacher will “punch” the Dance Card digitally when you attend class. Please register before attending drop-in classes. If you already purchased a Dance Card, register for the classes you would like to attend and then select “I’ll Bring a Punch Card” and “Process Registration” afterwards. After you’ve used up your 10 classes, you can purchase another Dance Card or you can select “I’ll Pay Now” and pay the drop-in fee.



If you need any assistance at all or have technical difficulties, please email us at


We look forward to seeing you!

The 2023-2024 adult class REGISTRATION OPENS SEPTEMBER 4th

All class information is now on the Peninsula Lively Arts website

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