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Carmen & Frida Program

Carmen - A Classic Tale of Love and Betrayal, Reimagined

Artistic Director Gregory Amato’s reimagined Carmen is set to Soviet-era composer Rodion Shchedrin’s “iconoclastic but highly entertaining retelling of Georges Bizet’s opera,” scored for strings and battery of percussion instruments. This one-act ballet recounts the familiar operatic love triangle between our Spanish Gypsy Carmen; her lover and soldier Don José; and the highly attractive torero, Escamillo – but in Amato’s gender-bending interpretation, Escamillo is modeled after celebrated and real-life female 19th century bull-fighting matador, Maria Isabel Atienzer (Maribel). All three characters must face a choice between the prospect of love, or the security and comfort of familiarity; only tragedy can ensue. Olé! 


Peninsula Ballet Theatre

Artistic Director/Choreographer: Gregory Amato

Music: Rodion Shchedrin after Georges Bizet


Carmen: Aline Carili
Don José: Juan Carlos Magacho
Maribel: Kelley Hashemi
Fate: Léna Alvino

Villagers: Duran Andrade, Timmorie Freeman, Isabelle Glavin, Evan Johnston, Vinnie Jones, Elise Holmes, Alyssa-Marie Muña, Bernardo Ramos, Hollie Rudolph, Naomi Sailors, Chloé Watson

Apprentice: Melia Kramer
Students: Jack Alger, David Carter, Ruby Skulpone, Audrey Stoll, Keira Sweany



Frida - The Paintings of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo in Movement 

Following its initial premiere in 2012, this encore presentation, which has been condensed into one act, is an analysis of the works of celebrated husband and wife artists, Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, which unearths elements inherent in Mexican culture that are deeply rooted in class differences. Director Zenón Barrón interprets these into the language of dance in this selection of traditionally based choreographies by focusing on specific elements within the paintings.


Ensambles Ballet Folklórico de San Francisco
Artistic Director/Choreographer: Zenón Barrón
Costume Design: Zenón Barrón
Costume Construction: Magnolia Ferreira, María Orozco, Jesús Gómez
Music: Frida (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


Dancers: Alejandro Ledesma, Aline G. Salazar Díaz, Carlos S. Zambrano, Chelsea Atziri Ferreira, David Brye-Cadena, Gabriela Hernández, Hugo Flores, Javier Espinoza Barajas, Jeannette Quintana, Jennifer Mariana López Ramírez, Jesús Gómez, Karina Vásquez, Karla Toledo, Leticia Torres Elias, Lupita Troncoso, Manaure Uc Cetina, María Anaya, Mariana Hernández, Maricela Benavides, Mario López, Omar Alexis Rincon, Oscár Humberto Ludwig, Pablo Daniel Jiménez García, Patricia Salvador, Priscilla Giler


Una Tarde Dominical en la Alameda: Habaneras - El Chorrito


El Accidente de Frida: La Calavera - Still Life


El Corset de Frida: Xquenda


Mujer Desnuda: Nereida - Danzón


Frida Frente al Espejo: La Noche De Mi Mal 
(Choreographers: Alejandro Ledesma & Roxanne Onofre)


Guelaguetza Oaxaqueña: Danza de los Diablos - Flor de Pina


La Casa Azul: Hoy no Existo - El Amuleto


Las Dos Fridas: Mosaico Oaxaqueno - Tortuga del Arenal


Fridas Campesinas: Volar (Peninsula Ballet Theater) - El Medio Toro


Carmen & Frida poster


Executive Director: Christine Leslie
Artistic Director: Gregory Amato
Ballet Mistress: Nina Amato
Assistant to the Executive Director: Masha Baratoshvilli Amato Technical Director: Dave LeBlanc
Stage Manager: Kirsten McMullen
Backstage Crew: Kay Tetzner
Sound Board Operator: Richard Healey
Light Designer: Bob Klemm
Light Board Operator: Max Pereira
Company & School Manager: Chloé Watson
Conservatory Administrator: Shannon Schueller
Wardrobe: Maria Nichols, Nina Baratoff
Webmaster: Maria Nichols
Chief Financial Officer: Jan Mendez
Accounting: Annette Mellado
Facilities: Lance Huntley
Marketing: Michael Davis
Public Relation: Jon Finck 
Photography, Videography, Graphic Design: Vin Eiamvuthikorn


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