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Peninsula Ballet Theatre provides classically based, varied repertoire and educational outreach programs throughout northern California and beyond. We inspire passion for the performing arts in audiences of all ages.  With special care given to the spirit and diversity of the individual artist, challenging their commitment to artistic excellence in the production of Dance Theater, we enhance the lives of professional artists and an ever-increasing audience.


The Peninsula Ballet Theatre Conservatory’s mission is to provide the highest quality dance training to students of all ages and abilities; to enhance self-confidence, poise and positive work ethic while maintaining a healthy, fun atmosphere.

How and What We Teach


Each student will pass through the levels at their own pace.  Each body develops at an individual rate and speed is not necessarily an indication of talent or potential.  Every student should expect that at some level(s) they will reach a plateau where advancement may take longer than it did at a previous level.  Our teachers are very aware of this and are careful not to advance a student to a level if they cannot be successful.  Too rapid advancement, especially to pointe class, is a key cause of future injury which could easily end a dancer’s career advancement.



Peninsula Ballet Theatre offers classes in all styles, from ballet to hip-hop for ages 3 to 18. Starting with our Pre-Ballet classes for our little dancers to the Advanced Ballet classes for our more experienced students, PBT offers classes for all levels of experience, six days a week.

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Come to Peninsula Ballet's dance camp for a fun experience. For more experienced dancers, PBT offers an intensive that allows each student to develop their technique and grow as an artist. The camps and intensives give participants the opportuity to perform at the end of the session.


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Students 14 years and older are allowed to take the adult classes at Peninsula Ballet Theatre. Adult classes run seven days a week and are avaliable for absolute beginners to advanced dancers.


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1880 S. Grant St.
San Mateo, CA 94402

The Company (650) 342-3262

The Conservatory (650) 342-3228

We now offer tours of PBT to prospective students and families!

Please see our Conservatory page or email us for more information or to book a tour. 

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