April 18, 2019


Dear Peninsula Ballet Theatre Community,

My name is Greg Amato and I am the Artistic Director at Peninsula Ballet Theatre. As students, parents, renters, performers, and patrons of Peninsula Ballet Theatre, you know how integral our primary dance studio and studio theater, Studio One, is to our organization and community.

We have literally put Studio One through its paces and the signs of wear and tear are dramatically showing. During this season alone, our theater has accommodated 2,500 audience members and casts of up to 60 dancers for our numerous performances. Therefore, we need your help to immediately repair our badly damaged Studio One floor and upgrade our theater lighting and space. To raise funds to repair the floor and upgrade our lighting equipment, we are launching the PBT Studio One Repair fundraiser. By May 15, our goal is to raise $25,000 to immediately repair Studio One’s badly damaged floor, replace the Marley dance surface, and purchase new lighting equipment.

From the annual Nutcracker Sweets to ballroom dancing to Jazzercise to karate, Studio One has served as the launching pad for so many wonderful memories over the years. As you can imagine, a constant high volume of high-stress usage has taken its toll, and the Studio One sprung dance floor is badly in dire need of replacement. The extent of the deterioration of the subfloor has additionally caused irreparable damage to the Marley dance surface, which also needs to be replaced.

You may be aware that Peninsula Ballet Theatre will be accommodated in the new Concar Passage project when our site is redeveloped; however, the new studio space will not be completed for at least three to five years. In the meantime, we need to revamp our Studio One floor to withstand many future classes, performances, and community events while continuing to provide a safe and functional foundation for these activities. With our planned repairs, we will be able to take the new and improved floor and lighting equipment with us to our new space to provide many more years of use to our Peninsula Ballet Theatre community.

Any contribution that you’re able to make will help us repair the Studio One space so we may continue to be a haven for our ever-expanding dance community for years to come.

You can make contributions directly through our GoFundMe page. If you can’t give, but still want to support our cause, please share our story with your friends, family members, and coworkers. With more people aware of our cause, we’ll be one step closer to reaching our goal.

On behalf of Peninsula Ballet Theatre, thank you in advance for your support.


Greg Amato
Artistic Director, Peninsula Ballet Theatre

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