Hip Hop


This audience favorite was first presented in 2017 as part of Peninsula Ballet Theatre ‘s 50th anniversary celebration season.  It is a perfect blend of old and new, classical and contemporary that honors the past while nodding to the future.  Our downtrodden heroine rises from ashes to glory but this time wearing bedazzled Uggs to the Princes’ ball.

Hip Hop beats enhance a classic score for an event full of magic, including step sisters, a fairy godfather, unicorns, trolls, fairies, princesses, and of course a handsome prince.

A delight for the whole family!  Hip Hop Fairy Tales sell out every seat every performance.  

About the Directors

Stuck Sanders portrait

Stuck Sanders was introduced to dance at the age of 12 when his mom was looking for a creative outlet for him. After one hip hop class he was hooked and headed for a career in the world of art and dance. In just a few years he was performing in halftime shows for the NBA's Sacramento Kings and earning a reputation as a top freestyler, where he was encouraged to create new moves and develop a personal style. Soon he was known for his style of Turf Dancing incorporating strong narrative with storytelling and burnished his reputation participating in numerous dance battles. At 19 he headed to Los Angeles for more vigorous training and to take part in the competitive dance industry. While on his dance journey his path crossed with Alee martinez. in December of 2015 they both formed The Tribe dance company, where they could continue to foster the art form and pass on their many talents to new hip hop artists.

Alee Martinez portrait

Alee Martinez has been dancing since the young age of 8, where she started in jazz and ballet in a local community center in San Jose, CA. In high school she was introduced to the dance club and fell absolutely in love with it. The club had many guest choreographers that introduced her to new styles of dance, including hip hop. That is when her passion for dance grew and she knew that is  what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. At the age of 19 she started auditioning for different hip hop dance companies in the bay area and through that was given many opportunities to perform on many stages including television. From America's got talent Season 7 to TruTv’s Fake Off Season 2 winner, she has learned so much from each opportunity and wants to share her knowledge with her students. Aside from tv, she has worked with vans shoe company, adobe, hyundai, youtube, nba, sam’s club, and many more. After meeting her fiance in 2014 they decided to start their own company. That is where the tribe dance co. and poise’n dance crew were founded. Her goal is to inspire her students to dream big and work hard, because anything is possible to achieve when your heart is in it. 

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