Alondra Flores, dance portrait with her two dogs

Alondra Flores

Alondra Flores began dancing at the age of five in her home state of Texas. She trained under Diana Hastings in ballet, jazz, and tap. She moved to California at the age of 21 for grad school and would squeeze in a ballet class when possible at Santa Barbara State Street Ballet. She relocated to the Bay Area in 2007 where she continued taking open adult classes.  In 2018 she attend a ballet class at Peninsula Ballet Theatre where she soon found her new dance family and home.

Greg Amato, Artistic Director headshot

Gregory Amato


Nina Amato, Ballet Mistress, headshot

Nina Amato


Chloé Watson, Artistic Assistant, headshot

Chloé Watson*


Macy Almendariz

Léna Alvino, headshot

* PBT School Faculty