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Virtual Class FAQ

Q: How do I log on to PBT Conservatory’s Virtual Classes?

A. PBT will be using Zoom for all virtual classes. The Zoom Link is available in your DanceStudioPro Portal. You can access the link under “Shared Files” then "Class Files" in your Portal. 


Q. Are the Virtual Classes Private? 

A. Yes, PBT’s Virtual Classes take place on a private Zoom account and are password protected. The Zoom link is not to be shared outside of the class participants for the privacy of our students.


Q. Do I need my name on my Zoom Account? 

A. Yes, all students should use their full name when they log in to virtual classes. Please do not use a parent’s name or a pseudonym. 


Q. Do I need to have a webcam to participate, and does it need to be turned on? 

A. A webcam is not required to participate in the classes, however we highly recommend students turn on their camera if they are able in order to receive corrections and interact with the teachers.


Q. Are there opportunities for one-on-one training? 

A. Yes, PBT will be offering virtual private lessons to students and adults throughout the fall with select teachers. We encourage students in Level 2A or above to register for a private lesson with their preferred teacher. Please email if you are interested in private lessons. 


Q. Is there anything else I need? 

A. We recommend having a water bottle nearby and your space ready to dance. Adult students and students in Level 1 and up will need a barre or something in place of a barre, i.e., chair, countertop or table


Q. Who should I contact with questions?

A. Please email with any questions or concerns you may have. 

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