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World Ballet Day

A Collection of Four World Premieres

Tuesday October 19th 2021, Peninsula Ballet Theatre unveils a collection of four world premieres, in celebration of
World Ballet Day

Choreography by Gregory Amato, Peninsula Ballet Theatre Artistic Director.


Featuring: Tristan Brosnan, Chloé Watson, Kelley Hashemi, Takako Kokubu, and Kasey Parks.


Music by Erik Satie, Vono Box, Stephane Wrembel, and Dave Brubeck. 

Hosts: Gregory Amato and Chloé Watson

Company Manager: Chloé Watson

Special Guest: Tristan Brosnan

Video Production: Vin Eiamvuthikorn

Very Special Thanks to

The Fox Theatre, Redwood City

Special Thanks

The Fox Theatre, Redwood City
Christine Leslie - President and Executive Director
Michael Davis - Marketing/Advertising
Jon Finck - Publicist
Nina Amato - Ballet Mistress
Ernie Schmidt - Fox Theatre General Manager
Robert ‘DOC’ Gibson - Fox Theatre Lighting Director
David Feldman - Production Assistant

Please consider donating to Peninsula Ballet Theatre to support

the company and school during the pandemic.

All video and photos in this program reflect the safety guidelines of San Mateo County,
California, at the time they were captured. Our hosts have been fully vaccinated,
and received negative COVID test results 24 hours prior to filming.

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