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Peninsula Ballet Theatre

Masterworks Chorale

Ragazzi Boys Chorus

Pacific Sticks Percussion Ensemble



Shawnette Sulker, Soprano

Corey Head, Tenor

Zachary Gordin, Baritone


Dr. Bryan Baker, Conductor

Gregory Amato, Choreographer/Director


Music by Carl Orff

Carmina Burana poster

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Carmina Burana Program



Choreography: Aline Carili


First Movement: Léna Alvino, Timmorie Freeman, Isabelle Glavin, Hikari Jacobson, Vinnie Jones, Katie Meece, Naomi Sailors


Second Movement: Timmorie Freeman & Erick Cisneros Aguirre


Third Movement: Erick Cisneros Aguirre, Léna Alvino, Timmorie Freeman, Isabelle Glavin, Hikari Jacobson, Vinnie Jones, Juan Carlos Magacho, Kasey Parks, Bernardo Ramos, Naomi Sailors


Expresse is about the small moments that bring us joy during life’s journey. By sharing our hopes and dreams with friends and strangers alike, we can enrich each other’s lives. Expresse celebrates love and the all little things that make us smile, always with an eye on the next goal and dream to achieve. Dedicated to Herika Crosara.


Choreographer and Dancer: Stuck Sanders


Choreography: Greg Amato

Music: Shantel

Dancers: Erick Aguirre Cisneros, Léna Alvino, Kelley Hashemi, Travis Love, Katie Meece, Alyssa-Marie Muña, Kasey Parks, Bernardo Ramos, Nicole Thomas



Choreography: Greg Amato

Music: Boban Markovic Orkestar

Dancers: Erick Aguirre Cisneros, Aline Carili, Juan Carlos Magacho

Tuba Player: Kasey Parks



Choreography: Greg Amato

Music: Frederic Chopin Nocturne No. 1

Dancers: Léna Alvino, Kelley Hashemi

Pianist: Paul McCurdy


Choreography: Marika Brussel

Original music composed by: JooWan Kim (Ensemble Mik Nawooj)

Violin: Clare Armenante

Mixed by: Jeremy Goody (Megasonic Sound)


Pandora: Vinnie Jones

Hunger: Timmorie Freeman

Shame: Isabelle Glavin

Hope: Hikari Jacobson

Death: Naomi Sailors


Unleashed explores the Greek myth of Pandora from a feminist perspective. What if Pandora is a woman without boundaries, one who, through the course of the ballet, sees herself as both part of and separate from the forces of nature and humanity?


Carmina Burana

A cantata in five acts

Prologue and Epilogue

O Fortuna

A lament about the inescapable power of fate, a central theme to Roman and Greek mythology, in which fate is a force that rules both gods and mortals.


I bemoan the wounds of Fortune with weeping eyes,

for the gifts she made me she perversely takes away.

German composer Carl Orff’s towering masterpiece from 1937, Carmina Burana – “Songs of Beuren” – is set in southern Germany. It remains one of the most iconic and instantly recognizable works of the 20th Century. Conceived by Orff as a theatrical cantata for orchestra, adult and children’s chorus, three vocal soloists and choreographed movement, Carmina Burana is based on a collection of 24 spiritual and carnal songs and poems authored by anonymous 13th Century medieval monks and minstrels. Orff’s work is composed with a prologue and epilogue, and three highly descriptive scenes: “Primo Vere” (“In Early Spring”), “In Taberna” (“In the Tavern”) and “Cours d’Amours” (“Court of Love”).


Sung in Latin, Orff’s magnum opus begins and ends with the now-famous percussion downbeat and chorus powerfully intoning the words “O Fortuna,” an ode to the wheel of fortune that determines the ever-changing fate of man. The composer’s compelling score offers what has been described as simple orchestration, rich melodies and harmonies combined with a driving rhythmic percussion to give the music a primeval, visceral character – adding to the work’s popular and enduring appeal.


Commenting on his Carmina Burana premiere, choreographer Amato said, “To bring this extraordinary work to life I take my inspiration from Dutch master painter Heironymus Bosch’s famous triptych of the late 15th Century, ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights.’ It is characterized by a robust representation of humanity with its eruption of fantasy and chaos juxtaposed with idyllic innocence. The dance movement I’ve created is ritualistic, sensual and ominous reflecting the formidable music as set to this codex of sacred and profane texts.”


Carmina Burana Cast

Fortuna Léna Alvino

Love Kelley Hashemi and Juan Carlos Magacho

Swan Stuck Sanders
King Charles Torres


Erick Aguirre Cisneros

Aline Carili

Timmorie Freeman

Isabelle Glavin

Hikari Jacobson

Vinnie Jones

Travis Love

Katie Meece

Alyssa-Marie Muña

Kasey Parks

Bernardo Ramos

Naomi Sailors



Jack Agler

Valentina Bonaldi

Kyra Campbell

David Carter

Chloe Schwerin

Luci Singh

Audrey Stoll

Nicole Thomas

Gaby Wang
Diamond Zhang


Inara Morgenstern

Paul McCurdy

Ragazzi Boys Chorus

Avanti prepared by Thomas Wade

Director Kent Jue, Artistic and Executive Director

Amos Bankhead
Ethan Carton-Serrano
Rohan Gupta
Kiran Kadambi
Ethan Liu

Aaron Ma
Alexander Monstavicius
Leo Przykucki
Aarkan Singhal
Agustya Sinha
Andrew Wang
Carlon Weibell
Gibson Williams
Alex Wonnacott
Eddy Wu
Sabian Paul
Stephen Yan-Zhou
Ayden Yang

Pacific Sticks Percussion Ensemble

Ken Crawford

David Dieni

Beverly Dorcy 9/24

Victor Flaviani

Robert Hamaker

Tommy Kesecker 9/25

Stuart Langsam

Masterworks Chorale Roster – Carmina Burana 2022

Masterworks Artistic Director and Conductor - Dr. Bryan Baker

Katie Bartholomew
Senta Colombo
Carol Donohoe
Lauren Estes
Karen Gernand
Robin Hansen
Lory Kitamura
Charlene Kranz
Katherine Lipka
Meg McGinty
Abigail Millikan-States
Erin Moore
Harriet Mukisa
Christine Niccoli
Katherine Riggs
April Swagman
Candy Sykes
Frances Szlapka
Jessica Tien
Jamie Weinstock Biancalana
Karen Williams
Felicia Yang

Emily V. Applegate
Diana Berger
Marina Eydel
Sue Fleming
Rita Freimanis
Lynn Harman
Sharon Hendee

Kimiye Hendee
Lisa Henderson
Sue Korn
Elin Larson
Gayle Lieberman
Polly Moore
Laura Peterhans
Elaine Quan
Debra Reiss-Bubenheim
Karin Snowberg
Pazit Zohar


Sukhee Basetti

Jim Boso

Alan Bryan

Bill Chiles

John Harrison

Suzie Hilgeman

Kent MacMaster

Dieter Meyerhoff

Yoon Mitchell

Paul Montes

Ben Regner

Philip Sankar

Bruce Tozier

Carlin Black
Jim Blodgett
David Bubenheim
Ed Firestone
David Hooper
Peter Kim
Jason Korn
Laurence Kueffer
DB Spahn
Chris Sykes
Paul Wendt
Bill Welch

Masterworks Chorale

Dr. Bryan Baker

Artistic Director and Conductor

Dr. Bryan Baker: Artistic Director and Conductor of Masterworks Chorale since 2002, Dr. Bryan Baker also holds the positions of Director of Music at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley, Associate Conductor of the San Francisco Choral Society, and is founder and director of the chamber choir Serenade. 

In addition to the Masterworks orchestra, he has conducted the California Chamber Symphony, Solaris Chamber Orchestra, the Redwood Symphony, the Peninsula Symphonic Winds, the New Millennium Strings, and the Kensington Symphony Orchestra.

Masterworks Chorale: Founded in 1964, Masterworks Chorale is critically recognized as one of Northern California’s finest choral ensembles. Performing master works of sacred and secular choral music, from Baroque to Broadway, Masterworks is a much-loved Bay Area institution, treasure for its warmth of tone, technical excellence, and commitment to the local community. Dr. Bryan Baker has been Artistic Director of the Choral since Fall 2002. The choir performs four concert programs each season, accompanied by some of the Bay
Area's finest professional musicians and vocal soloists. Additionally, Masterworks collaborates frequently with community arts organizations throughout the Bay Area, striving to enrich the cultural tapestry of our community with diverse concert programming and unique music enrichment outreach programs.

Masterworks Chorale group photo


General Manager of Facilities Use: Charlie Royce

Interim Theatre Manager: Josh Grush

Set Designer: Greg Amato

Lighting Designer: Bob Klemm

Ballet Mistress: Nina Amato 

Company and Production Manager: Chloé Watson

Crew: Kay Tetzner

Properties: Rich Schwerin

House and Box Office Manager: Masha Amato

Sound Operator: Robert Gonzales

Flyman: Brian Yang

Administrative Staff

Executive Director/CEO: Christine Leslie

Company Manager: Chloé Watson

Administrative Assistant: Masha Berdyugin


Business Staff

Chief Financial Officer: Jan Mendez

Marketing: Michael Davis

Publicity: Jon Finck

Bookkeeper: Annette Mellado

Web Design: Maria Nichols

Communications: Allison Meson

Operations: Lance Huntley

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